Masarki Nigeria Limited been one of the leading construction company chaired by Alh. Yakubu Saidu – Karshi, are dedicated to provision of safe working environment for workers. Our company policies covers areas of Quality, Sustainability, and Safety. Others includes: building, civil engineering, demolition, solid waste management, design training and supervision, traffic management, and project management services in line with agreed contract requirements, meeting the expectations of the client, within an agreed budget and resulting in a profit acceptable to the Shareholders. 

Quality Policy:

1. To establish and maintain a Quality Management System which satisfies the requirements of our clients.

2. To consistently provide products and services in a manner that will satisfy Client requirements in all respects.

3. To implement appropriate actions to address any risks and opportunities associated with internal/external issues, and to meet the needs and expectations of interested parties.

4. To ensure all Company personnel are fully competent to carry out their assigned task.

Sustainability Quality:

This policy governs how we as a responsible company set out to achieve:
1. High levels of sustainable working that enhances our reputation and those of our customers and stakeholders
2. All regulations and statutory bodies with regards the environment and sustainability
3. Partnerships and supply chains and seek to embed “sustainable thinking” across activities throughout; and many more!

Safety Quality:

1. Head office and temporary site offices where applicable
2. Employees and all affected or interested parties engaged through the course of our activities
3. Operate and implement our health and safety management system at all times

4. Comply with all relevant legislation and customer requirements
5. Assess risk and hazards through experienced and competent personnel.