As it is with our community services, so it is with scholarship, the Masarki Nigeria Limited owns a group known as Yakubu Saidu (YS) Support Group. YS Support Group is an indigenous organization situated at Karshi – satellite town; south-west of the federal capital territory, Abuja Municipal Area Council.

This Group through the Masarki Nigeria Limited emphasizes on the Historical Background of Educational Pursuance and many more to less the orphans and the less privileged ones.

Mission: The Mission, it has become important to achieve all it takes to make a better educational ground for interest of the nearest future. 

Goals: YS Support Group in all aspect of cultural and moral heritage, its’ primary goal is to provide a well appreciate leadership system within and outside AMAC as it is in our community services.

Core Values: YS Support Group are ensuring that politics are presented in a well-mannered and defined direction nationwide.